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 Kaakha Kaakha 2003 download tamil movie [350mb | MKV]

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PostSubject: Kaakha Kaakha 2003 download tamil movie [350mb | MKV]   Thu 10 Jun 2010, 12:11 pm



Kaakha Kaakha 2003 [350mb | MKV]

350mb - mkv

Movie was requested by our vip member ram

Kaakha Kaakha (Tamil: ????? ?????) is a Tamil Action movie starring Surya, Jeevan in lead roles and Jyothika opposite Surya and music composed by Harris Jayaraj. The film is directed by Gautham Menon. It was Gautam Menon's second movie after Minnale. It was one of the top 5 movies of 2003 based on collection figures from theatres, distributors and producers, and the ranking, on return on investment [2]. And a comeback film for producer Kalaipuli S. Dhanu[3]. It was Jyothika's and Surya's third film together. This was a major milestone in Surya's acting career, establishing a firm fan base and carving a niche for him in the Tamil film industry.[citation needed] This film also gave a major boost to its director Gautam Menon. It was the most stylish film ever made with a different screenplay in Tamil cinema at that time.Contents [hide]


Anbuchelvan (Surya) is part of a group of four police officers who work battling organized crime in Chennai. Violent and laconic, he finds little patience for a personal life, until he turns hero in the eyes of schoolteacher Maya (Jyothika), and embarks on a little romance. Meanwhile, his squad kills the brother of a reckless criminal Pandya (Jeevan), but fails to wipe off the entire gang. Pandya's hoodlums then take the battle into the homes of the officers, going after their family members one by one. It all ends with the demise of Pandya and his gang in the hands of Anbuchelvan.

An epilogue shows that Anbuchelvan, after the death of Maya, continues his job as an IPS officer some weeks later. An alternate ending was shot and placed in the DVD version with a running commentary by Gautham Menon, in which he explained why the idea of this ending was dropped.

Main Characters:

Surya As Anbuselvan IPS

Surya As Anbuselvan IPS

This was the first blockbuster movie with Surya (Sivakumar's Son) as the protagonist. He plays a role of an honest cop who even goes to the extent of killing criminals through encounter. He believes family would be a hindrance to perform his duties without fear and he likes being single. He plays the role of the police officer.

Jeevan as Pandya

Jeevan plays the villain role in Kaakha Kaakha. His raw portrayal of a gangster made people notice him. Pandya is someone who doesn't care about anything. His only motive is to take revenge for his brother's death and he would go to any level to inflict pain and fear to his enemies. Director Gautham Menon dubbed for Jeevan.Jeevan went on to win filmfare best villain award that year.

Jyothika as Maya

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Kaakha Kaakha 2003 download tamil movie [350mb | MKV]
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