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 [Share] Full SOFTWAREs + WIN 7+ WIN XP + OFFICE 1

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PostSubject: [Share] Full SOFTWAREs + WIN 7+ WIN XP + OFFICE 1   Tue 22 Jun 2010, 1:06 pm

Ueberschall Soundscapes VSTi DXi RTAS AU HYBRiD DVDR | 2.53 GB

Soundscapes is a universally useful sound library, which consist mainly of dreamy moods, with smooth harmonies and off axis accents. The moods are an excellent fit for the needs of scoring, game audio, temp tracks, trailers, songs, audio logos, advertising, websites and of course as background music. Each of the 24 Construction Kits consists of an intro, outro and a main mix. Furthermore all parts used to create the main mix are available for individual selection and every single element within a part is further broken down. With the flexible Elastik engine, you can easily mix and modify several of the 809 single-stems at once to create on-the-fly complete new moods.

Structure / Blueprint
Each construction kit is grouped into two subfolders:
- Intro & Outro: Here you can find the matching intro/outro track for the construction kit.
- Main Kit: Includes the main theme, with all of its sounds and phrases.

Navigation / Workflow
The given structure and features like labeled key signature and tempo information, makes it as easy as possible to find a song or groove that will match your tracking needs and goals. Additionally the Elastik Player offers you a lot of DSP functions to adjust the songs to further fit your productions / creations.

Marc Steinmeier has worked, produced and remixed for Companies like Universal Music, EMI Electrola and Sony/BMG. He is still a pioneer of music and has constantly developed unique and fresh styles, creating new standards all the time. He gave a lot of productions their break in terms of Sounddesign.



fileserve.com Vp3t5at/UBCSNDSCVSTiDXiRTASAUHB_DYNAMiCS.rar.001
fileserve.com eatCKzb/UBCSNDSCVSTiDXiRTASAUHB_DYNAMiCS.rar.002
fileserve.com 3chQ2YM/UBCSNDSCVSTiDXiRTASAUHB_DYNAMiCS.rar.005
fileserve.com ggpQ3f4/UBCSNDSCVSTiDXiRTASAUHB_DYNAMiCS.rar.007
fileserve.com 3SwWGv8/UBCSNDSCVSTiDXiRTASAUHB_DYNAMiCS.rar.008
fileserve.com jwg7JA6/UBCSNDSCVSTiDXiRTASAUHB_DYNAMiCS.rar.009
fileserve.com nN3Vs2B/UBCSNDSCVSTiDXiRTASAUHB_DYNAMiCS.rar.010
fileserve.com T6jnGwB/UBCSNDSCVSTiDXiRTASAUHB_DYNAMiCS.rar.011
fileserve.com FgDpnCv/UBCSNDSCVSTiDXiRTASAUHB_DYNAMiCS.rar.012




hotfile.com UBCSNDSCVSTiDXiRTASAUHB_DYNAMiCS.rar.001.html
hotfile.com UBCSNDSCVSTiDXiRTASAUHB_DYNAMiCS.rar.002.html
hotfile.com UBCSNDSCVSTiDXiRTASAUHB_DYNAMiCS.rar.003.html
hotfile.com UBCSNDSCVSTiDXiRTASAUHB_DYNAMiCS.rar.004.html
hotfile.com UBCSNDSCVSTiDXiRTASAUHB_DYNAMiCS.rar.005.html
hotfile.com UBCSNDSCVSTiDXiRTASAUHB_DYNAMiCS.rar.006.html
hotfile.com UBCSNDSCVSTiDXiRTASAUHB_DYNAMiCS.rar.007.html
hotfile.com UBCSNDSCVSTiDXiRTASAUHB_DYNAMiCS.rar.008.html
hotfile.com UBCSNDSCVSTiDXiRTASAUHB_DYNAMiCS.rar.009.html
hotfile.com UBCSNDSCVSTiDXiRTASAUHB_DYNAMiCS.rar.010.html
hotfile.com UBCSNDSCVSTiDXiRTASAUHB_DYNAMiCS.rar.011.html
hotfile.com UBCSNDSCVSTiDXiRTASAUHB_DYNAMiCS.rar.012.html
hotfile.com UBCSNDSCVSTiDXiRTASAUHB_DYNAMiCS.rar.013.html

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TomTom Maps of North America 2G v8.50.2781 Retail | 1.80 GB

Tomtom Maps now take you to your destination in 18 countries! Navigate to any address within a country using detailed regional maps, or use the larger maps to navigate across borders to any town or major road using the major road network.

USE this meta

B7 3E 04 24 7F 23 B5 AA 80 B5 DF 99 95 80 79 17 North_America_2GB-161.meta



fileserve.com sCZvBPA/Tomtom_North_America_v8.50.2781.rar.001
fileserve.com kpXRbVf/Tomtom_North_America_v8.50.2781.rar.002
fileserve.com A7MqzyX/Tomtom_North_America_v8.50.2781.rar.003
fileserve.com 7ZyFWht/Tomtom_North_America_v8.50.2781.rar.004
fileserve.com 8JkafGh/Tomtom_North_America_v8.50.2781.rar.005
fileserve.com R3Nfyeb/Tomtom_North_America_v8.50.2781.rar.006
fileserve.com zX6bB75/Tomtom_North_America_v8.50.2781.rar.007
fileserve.com K92z5xj/Tomtom_North_America_v8.50.2781.rar.008
fileserve.com Zaz892H/Tomtom_North_America_v8.50.2781.rar.009
fileserve.com Z5THWJj/Tomtom_North_America_v8.50.2781.rar.010
fileserve.com EsGUThz/Tomtom_North_America_v8.50.2781.rar.011
fileserve.com vqyDeE4/Tomtom_North_America_v8.50.2781.rar.012
fileserve.com 4B5R6Qw/Tomtom_North_America_v8.50.2781.rar.013
fileserve.com knJz8sA/Tomtom_North_America_v8.50.2781.rar.014
fileserve.com QUkTqnY/Tomtom_North_America_v8.50.2781.rar.015


uploading.com Tomtom_North_America_v8.50.2781.rar.014/
uploading.com Tomtom_North_America_v8.50.2781.rar.010/
uploading.com Tomtom_North_America_v8.50.2781.rar.015/
uploading.com Tomtom_North_America_v8.50.2781.rar.013/
uploading.com Tomtom_North_America_v8.50.2781.rar.012/
uploading.com Tomtom_North_America_v8.50.2781.rar.003/
uploading.com Tomtom_North_America_v8.50.2781.rar.004/
uploading.com Tomtom_North_America_v8.50.2781.rar.011/
uploading.com Tomtom_North_America_v8.50.2781.rar.006/
uploading.com Tomtom_North_America_v8.50.2781.rar.008/
uploading.com Tomtom_North_America_v8.50.2781.rar.009/
uploading.com Tomtom_North_America_v8.50.2781.rar.007/
uploading.com Tomtom_North_America_v8.50.2781.rar.005/
uploading.com Tomtom_North_America_v8.50.2781.rar.002/
uploading.com Tomtom_North_America_v8.50.2781.rar.001/


hotfile.com Tomtom_North_America_v8.50.2781.rar.001.html
hotfile.com Tomtom_North_America_v8.50.2781.rar.002.html
hotfile.com Tomtom_North_America_v8.50.2781.rar.003.html
hotfile.com Tomtom_North_America_v8.50.2781.rar.004.html
hotfile.com Tomtom_North_America_v8.50.2781.rar.005.html
hotfile.com Tomtom_North_America_v8.50.2781.rar.006.html
hotfile.com Tomtom_North_America_v8.50.2781.rar.007.html
hotfile.com Tomtom_North_America_v8.50.2781.rar.008.html
hotfile.com Tomtom_North_America_v8.50.2781.rar.009.html
hotfile.com Tomtom_North_America_v8.50.2781.rar.010.html
hotfile.com Tomtom_North_America_v8.50.2781.rar.011.html
hotfile.com Tomtom_North_America_v8.50.2781.rar.012.html
hotfile.com Tomtom_North_America_v8.50.2781.rar.013.html
hotfile.com Tomtom_North_America_v8.50.2781.rar.014.html
hotfile.com Tomtom_North_America_v8.50.2781.rar.015.html

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M-Audio GM Module VSTi 1.0 | 179.4 MB

Why just play piano when you can be the whole band? The M-Audio GM Module gives you 127 more sounds to play just for funü\or to use in building up multitrack recordings. Jam out on drums, bass, synths, organ, sax, flute and many, many more instruments right at your fingertips.


hotfile.com MAUGMODVS10_ASGN.rar.001.html
hotfile.com MAUGMODVS10_ASGN.rar.002.html


uploading.com MAUGMODVS10_ASGN.rar.001/
uploading.com MAUGMODVS10_ASGN.rar.002/


fileserve.com u8hDyxX/MAUGMODVS10_ASGN.rar.001
fileserve.com 8bpjfRG/MAUGMODVS10_ASGN.rar.002

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E-MU Classic Series Vol. 16 Twenty Six Studio Drum Kits And Percussion | 191 MB

This CD from the Emulator Classic Series (Volume 16) offers you 26 drum kits & 19 percussion groups, ready to be used with your E-MU sampler and any MIDI controller!.


hotfile.com EMUCSERV16TXSTUDRKAPERCEMU_SSS.rar.001.html
hotfile.com EMUCSERV16TXSTUDRKAPERCEMU_SSS.rar.002.html




fileserve.com 8aZe3fv/EMUCSERV16TXSTUDRKAPERCEMU_SSS.rar.001

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Xara Designer Pro (Xtreme Pro) v6.1.0.13048 | 105 MB

Producing vector illustrations is quick and easy using the comprehensive drawing tools, but many of the advanced features which Xara pioneered - such as transparency and real-time anti-aliasing - can be applied to both vector and bitmap images. Rather than falling into the bloatware trap that is common with graphics products, Xara has concentrated on creating the world's best implementation of the essential toolset that designers really need, in order to ensure that working with Xara X can be both highly creative and very productive. As well as all the drawing tools you would expect, Xara X offers options such as automated shadows, bevels and contours, pressure sensitive brush stroking, multi-stage graduated fills and feathering.

Xara Xtreme can produce compact, highly optimized graphics, making it an ideal choice for creating web graphics, and with this in mind we have added a tools to aid in creating graphics for the web, such as a NavBar tool, image slicing capability and Dreamweaver integration. As the name suggests Pro includes additional features most likely to be used by professional designers.

Xtreme Xtreme Pro:
Professional features:
• Xara3D 6 included
• PDF/X export
• RAW photo import
• XPS support
• Color separation support
• PANTONE®️ color support
Levels XPE plug-in
• Multi-page documents
• Short cut key configuration

General features:
• Speed
• Compatibility
• Adobe Photoshop®️ PSD import and export
• Text handling
• Direct Action Tools
• Drag & drop
• Solid object dragging
• Undo / redo
• Zoom
• Anti-aliasing
• Color support
• Printing
• PDF export
• The Clipart Gallery
• Bitmap Tracer
• Profiles
• Name gallery
• Templates

Photo features:
• Choice of Photo Editors
• The XPE Photo Editor
• Single click auto-enhance
• Crop & Rotate
• Red Eye Removal
• Maintain photo quality
• Magic undo
• Third party plug-ins
• Photo Compression
• Advanced photo work
• MAGIX Xtreme Photo Designer

Illustration features:
• Drawing tools
• Transparency
• Blending
• Feathering
• Contours
• Bevels
• Fills
• Shadows
• Brushes
• Molds / envelopes
• Text handling
• ClipView
• Pressure sensitivity
• Live Effects

Web features:
• Animated Flash Export
• Navigation buttons
• Flash export (.swf)
• Animation
• Dreamweaver integration
• Hexadecimal RGB web color
• Image slicing
• Image maps
• Exporting and optimizing
• Linked stretching


fileserve.com fYApT6s/Xara_Xtreme_pro_6.1.0.13048.rar


uploading.com Xara_Xtreme_pro_6.1.0.13048.rar/


hotfile.com Xara_Xtreme_pro_6.1.0.13048.rar.html

Bibble Pro v5.1.0c | 75 MB

Bibble 5 is a fast, flexible photographic workflow application. Bibble 5 is designed to help you optimize your digital photographic images and to help you organize and catalog those images. It allows you to adjust and optimize your images very quickly, and to batch adjust and convert these images to prints, send via email, share on the web or edit or view in other applications. Bibble 5 provides three major categories of features: Asset Management, Image Editing, and Output Generation. Asset Management is the means to catalog your digital photographic assets (called Master Files), view and add metadata to these assets, and search and browse based on that metadata. As your volume of digital photographs grows from hundreds to thousands of images, maintaining a coherent and organized library of those photographs becomes quite critical. Bibble 5 provides all the tools needed to catalog your current photographs, to search and to browse through those catalogs quickly and efficiently.

Image Adjustment & Optimizing is the process of applying color management and correction, exposure adjustment, and other creative image editing tools to your original photographs, enabling you to optimize your photographs in the least amount of time. Bibble 5 offers image adjustment tools that operate on entire images (like exposure compensation or white balance) and also offers Selective Editing to allow you to adjust regions or smaller portions of your images.

Output Generation will take the previews you see in Bibble and create new image files that you can print, share on the web, and access in other applications. Bibble 5's powerful Batch Conversion system helps automate this process.

Major Features
- Advanced Lens Correction
- Noise Ninja Powered Digital Noise Suppression
- One-Click Image Correction with Perfectly Clear®️
- Fully Integrated Browser
- User Configurable Tools/Views
- Powerful Batch Processing
- Raw Optimized Printing
- User Assignable Hotkey's
- Flexible Renaming System
- Photosop Elements Plug in
- Advanced Settings Copy/Paste
- Plug-in interface and Black & White / Spot Color Plugin
- Highlight / Fill-light tool for High Dynamic Range
- Fastest RAW Conversion
- Runs on Windows, OS X and Linux!
- Best-In-Class Detail Enhancement
- Fully Configurable Workflow

What's new:

• New Click Black / Gray / White tool
• This tool is a great way to quickly set curve points based on image content, to neutralize and deepen shadows and set the output white point. This much-requested feature from Bibble Labs' customers further expands the wide array of image adjustments possible in Bibble 5.

• Powerful 3rd Party Plug-ins
• This release also includes the free version of Andrea - a powerful and exciting plugin for Bibble 5 build by Sean Puckett. Rediscover 90 years of traditional photo films and papers in B&W and color! Andrea, the film simulator for Bibble 5, takes your digital camera back to the film era with picture perfect simulations of image-making classics! Andrea is the evolution of AndyPRO, the preeminent film simulator for Bibble 4, and contains all of the simulations from AndyPRO.

• 2 New Cameras & 13 Newly Calibrated Lenses
• Rapid updates for RAW file support for new cameras was a hallmark of Bibble 4, and we're thrilled to be able to return to that trad.


hotfile.com Bibble_Pro_5.1.0c.rar.html


uploading.com Bibble_Pro_5.1.0c.rar/


fileserve.com V7vQqNF/Bibble_Pro_5.1.0c.rar


Street Kits. Urban/Dance Drum Sound Library. Street Kits brings almost 200 of the fattest, thickest, deepest and crispiest drumkits known to man to E-MU’s Emulator X and Proteus X Desktop Instruments. Developed by renowned U.K. sound designers Samplecraze, Street Kits offers you over 5,000 samples to build your Hip-Hop and Dance beats – all programmed to E-MU’s filters and synthesis parameters that will push your speaker cones to the limit. Street Kits samples are velocity layered to deliver playability and dynamics like real, acoustic drums. And with E-MU’s powerful digital filters and synthesis engine, you can tweak your sounds beyond all recognition. Everything from hardhitting traditional kits to unreal percussive effects, Street Kits offers an arsenal of samples to the Hip-Hop and Dance producer.


hotfile.com EMSTREETKEMUXPRX_SSS.rar.001.html
hotfile.com EMSTREETKEMUXPRX_SSS.rar.002.html
hotfile.com EMSTREETKEMUXPRX_SSS.rar.003.html


uploading.com EMSTREETKEMUXPRX_SSS.rar.001/
uploading.com EMSTREETKEMUXPRX_SSS.rar.002/
uploading.com EMSTREETKEMUXPRX_SSS.rar.003/


fileserve.com RbNvYnj/EMSTREETKEMUXPRX_SSS.rar.001
fileserve.com GhgHaTg/EMSTREETKEMUXPRX_SSS.rar.002
fileserve.com 84QAMnZ/EMSTREETKEMUXPRX_SSS.rar.003

Windows XP SP3 DiZ CD 2010
Year: 2010 | Version: 12 | Category: Operating Systems
Platform: x86 (32bit) | Developer: Microsoft/Den4izzz
File format: . Iso | Platform: x86/Win
Tablet: not required
Size: 707 Mb

Compiling with minimal otlichiyamt from the original Windows XP, is validated and updated without any problems, there are network ", the presence of hiren Boot CD 10.4 Russian, alkid Live CD (June 10, 2010), driver pack solution 10, and some office software. CD version is designed for those who do not have DVD ROM there is only distro windows.

System requirements:

300 MHz or greater, 128 MB RAM or more (standard requirements of Windows XP)

hiren 10.4 Russian from lexapass
alkid Live CD (June 10, 2010)
The installation itself OS (full automation but to choose a hard disk partition)

Running out of windows:
Here you will find all the programs hiren 10.4
Added drayverpak - driver pack solution 10
Some Office programs

Differences from the original XP:
-Automated installation (other than chapter selection)
-Administrator Portable (password softM01)
-Added some visual themes (defaults to normal style XP)
-Added the most common RAID AHCI driver


CD (686 MB):
CRC32: 09AC384D
MD5: 78017B59D39D1DAC981AF72601100C56
SHA-1: 41A9D893AF7741EAA3A0E4E2E94068960F48D006

DVD (3.91 GB):
SHA-1: 00329D0CC318ACB38754E14A8EC1B755F733AC7D


fileserve.com HYkQh3e/DIZ12CD.rar.001
fileserve.com p2yMpcK/DIZ12CD.rar.002
fileserve.com RHjtdXp/DIZ12CD.rar.003
fileserve.com cnvFjuK/DIZ12CD.rar.004
fileserve.com vwfGmCm/DIZ12CD.rar.005
fileserve.com YptKcZR/DIZ12CD.rar.006
fileserve.com CFZ9Ckg/DIZ12CD.rar.007




uploading.com DIZ12CD.rar.001/
uploading.com DIZ12CD.rar.002/
uploading.com DIZ12CD.rar.003/
uploading.com DIZ12CD.rar.004/
uploading.com DIZ12CD.rar.005/
uploading.com DIZ12CD.rar.006/
uploading.com DIZ12CD.rar.007/

Ainsoft Software Suite AiO | 450.97 Mb

Ainsoft Software Suite All In One 12.06.2010. Blu-Ray Tools, DVD Tools, Video Tools and Audio Tools..

Blu-ray Copy
Blu-ray DVD Copy
Blu-ray Ripper
Blu-Ray DVD Ripper
Blu-ray to AVI Converter
Blu-ray to iPod Converter
Blu-ray to MP3 Converter
Blu-ray to MP4 Converter
Blu-ray to MPEG Converter
Blu-ray to PS3 Converter
Blu-ray to WMV Converter
Blu-ray to HD Video Converter
DVD Ripper Standard
DVD Ripper Platinum
DVD Copy
DVD to AVI Converter
DVD to BlackBerry Converter
DVD to FLV Converter
DVD to iPod Converter
DVD to iPhone Converter
DVD to PSP Converter
DVD to MP3 Converter
DVD to MP4 Converter
Video Converter
AVI Video Converter
BlackBerry Video Converter
FLV Video Converter
iPod Video Converter
iPhone Video Converter
PSP Video Converter
MP4 Video Converter
MPEG Video Converter
MKV Video Converter
PPT to Video Converter
Video to Audio Converter


fileserve.com nrD8bhF/Ainsoft_Software_Suite_AiO.rar.001
fileserve.com Pfx2MZP/Ainsoft_Software_Suite_AiO.rar.002
fileserve.com wPdE4HC/Ainsoft_Software_Suite_AiO.rar.003
fileserve.com Tnhg4MR/Ainsoft_Software_Suite_AiO.rar.004
fileserve.com xHkXQNX/Ainsoft_Software_Suite_AiO.rar.005


uploading.com Ainsoft_Software_Suite_AiO.rar.001/
uploading.com Ainsoft_Software_Suite_AiO.rar.002/
uploading.com Ainsoft_Software_Suite_AiO.rar.003/
uploading.com Ainsoft_Software_Suite_AiO.rar.004/
uploading.com Ainsoft_Software_Suite_AiO.rar.005/



Sibelius Multilingual | 529 MB

Sibelius 6 is a giant leap forward in notation software – with amazing new features and improvements for educators, students, composers, arrangers, copyists and musicians of all kinds.

The world's most intuitive music software

We believe that if you find a program hard to use, it’s not your fault – it’s because it’s badly designed. That's why we made Sibelius as natural as possible to use – the result of years of careful thought and refinement.

Panorama is a new, clearer way of viewing music in Sibelius. Instead of being chopped up into systems and pages, the music is shown in a single, infinitely-wide strip – far easier to read and navigate around. So now you can just think about the notes, and forget about page layout until you’re ready to print.

You can switch between Panorama and normal view whenever you like, or use Panorama in combination with Focus on Staves if you just want to look at a few instruments.

An easier way to compose
As well as allowing you to forget about page layout during composition, Panorama makes the whole experience of inputting music more enjoyable. Because there’s only one system on the page, Sibelius can move smoothly from left to right as you compose, without any disorientating jumps from one system to another. Dragging staves in Panorama won’t effect the layout of the real score. So you really are free to think about your music without any distractions.

Magic Margin
No matter where you navigate to in your music, Panorama’s Magic Margin makes it crystal clear what stave you’re on.

It even reflects changes to to instruments on the same stave, something that’s now incredibly easy to set up.

Getting started
Sibelius is so easy to learn and use that you can start writing your first piece within minutes – not days! It comes with a clear, friendly, non-technical handbook, which explains all the main features in just 70 pages.

But if you don't like reading manuals, don't worry – the program includes an hour of tutorial videos that explain how to use it. It also has comprehensive on-screen reference, so you'll never be stuck for an answer.

Clear, elegant design
The Sibelius screen is simple and intuitive, so you can concentrate on writing music without the constant distraction of menus and dialog boxes. To look around the music, just click and drag the page – it really feels like you’re moving manuscript paper in front of you. Alternatively, drag the Navigator to move smoothly through many pages at once.

You can even choose different colors and textures for the paper and desk on the screen.

New Features:

Power tools

* Shift-drag moves objects horizontally/vertically
* Alt+drag or Option-drag moves object without moving attachment position
* Ctrl+drag or Command-drag suspends Magnetic Layout while moving
* Tab advances to next bar when inputting chord symbols
* New Keypad button to stop note input or deselect (for smartboards)
* View handles — makes ends of lines etc. easier to select
* Use F13-F19 as shortcuts on new Macs


* Set duration of and silence after fermatas (pauses), individually or throughout
* Double-click fader in Mixer resets it to default position (new since v5.0)
* Shift or Ctrl/Command when opening instrument strip opens all similar/all other strips (new since v5.0)
* Omit muted staves when exporting MIDI file (option)

Look & feel

* Hide particular toolbar buttons
* Auto-hide toolbar buttons if insufficient room
* Tile multiple open scores (new on Mac)
* Move around Symbol and Edit Symbols dialogs with arrow keys, and see symbol names
* Smoother zoom with Ctrl+mouse wheel
* Command+mouse wheel zooms on Mac
* Better keyboard access for dialogs (e.g. Clefs, Symbols, Key Signature) on Mac
* Set paper & desk texture of versions
* Many other look & feel improvements

Engraving & notations

* Dynamics automatically above vocal staves
* Lines split between systems more controllable - e.g. two halves have independent vertical positions and slur/tie shape
* Line ends easier to select
* Chord symbols appear by default as diagrams on guitar notation staves, chord text on other staves
* Tie thickness adjustable
* Tuplets always above notes on vocal staves (option)
* Accidentals persist after mid-bar clef changes
* Width of empty bar varies with bar length (option)
* Automatic breve bar rests in 4/2
* Special staff spacing for multi-staff instruments (e.g. keyboards, divided winds)
* Move rehearsal marks & tempo text up/down without affecting ones on other staves in same place
* Better default positions of many text styles and lines
* Cross-staff beams improved
* Ossia staves improved


* Check Redundancies - hides/deletes unnecessary clef/key/time signature changes etc.
* Export Each Staff as Audio - for importing into a sequencer
* Convert Folder of Scores to Earlier Version
* Other plug-ins improved

Network licenses

* Easier network installation
* Client copies can connect from any IP address
* Largest network license now unlimited (previously 255 computers)
* Use same preferences for all users of a computer

Other improvements

* Many editing operations faster, particularly on large selected passages
* Reminds you to save a version when you close a score
* Improved manuscript papers for new scores
* Auto-select US or European paper sizes for new scores or imported files
* Imports octave lines in MusicXML files
* Various bugs fixed

REBELS REPACK NOTE: Most sites couldn't handle very well our previous release with 111 5-MB zip files, so here is a repack with 56 10-MB zip files.


fileserve.com 9zDPyB5/SBEL62088MLNGLRPK_RS.rar.001
fileserve.com 56JM8nT/SBEL62088MLNGLRPK_RS.rar.002
fileserve.com WHbA8jW/SBEL62088MLNGLRPK_RS.rar.003
fileserve.com nVfqbMR/SBEL62088MLNGLRPK_RS.rar.004
fileserve.com uDHfxu4/SBEL62088MLNGLRPK_RS.rar.005
fileserve.com xB7ByEb/SBEL62088MLNGLRPK_RS.rar.006


uploading.com SBEL62088MLNGLRPK_RS.rar.001/
uploading.com SBEL62088MLNGLRPK_RS.rar.002/
uploading.com SBEL62088MLNGLRPK_RS.rar.003/
uploading.com SBEL62088MLNGLRPK_RS.rar.004/
uploading.com SBEL62088MLNGLRPK_RS.rar.005/
uploading.com SBEL62088MLNGLRPK_RS.rar.006/

WinApp | Agnitum Outpost Security Suite Pro 7.0.1 (3376.514.1234) Final (x32/x64) | 205.71 MB

Comprehensive Internet protection featuring antivirus, firewall, antispam, web safety and proactive defense tools. It is a robust combination of award-winning firewall, fast and effective anti-malware, personalized antispam and proactive Host Protection module to defend against the majority of Internet risks. Includes automated configuration service and other user aids. Outpost Security Suite Pro provides the first line of defense against rogue software by proactively controlling how programs behave and interact on a PC. The Host Protection safeguard, which proactively monitors for and blocks the kinds of sophisticated hacking techniques used to compromise or steal data, means that malicious activity is no longer possible. By analyzing threats and displaying actionable alerts, Host Protection stops zero-day attacks and shields the computer against inappropriate operations, rendering it defended in advance against security risks like botnets and inadvertent data disclosure.

Proactive security
System and Application Guard New!
File and folder lock New!
Preemptive threat protection Enhanced!
Self-protection Enhanced!

Network security & continuity
Application access control
Optimized firewall New!
Connection security
Comprehensive coverage
Intrusion protection

Efficient anti-malware
360-degree anti malware Enhanced!
Modernized AV engine Enhanced!
Email and USB devices instant check Improved!
Heuristics analyzer for autorun objects New!
Better manageable malware quarantine Improved!
Faster, more intelligent scans
Scheduled scans and exclusions

Email and web: privacy and safety
Keyword-based blocking Reinstated!
Protection from spam
Email safety
Unsafe web site access restriction
IP Blocklist keeps surfing clean
Safe repository for personal data
Ad-free, anonymous surfing

Tracking & Control
Program activity monitor at your fingertips New!
Quick status overview
Actionable alerts
Process activity
Network activity monitoring
Password-protection, multiple configuration profiles
Manageable events logs

Driver certification and 64-bit systems support
Windows 7 support Improved!
IPv6 support
Adaptive firewall rules
Entertainment mode for uninterrupted gameplay and video viewing

Convenience and Ease of Use
Automatic configuration
ImproveNet delivers more ready-made configurations
SmartAdvisor instant, context-sensitive help
Hands-free updates
Auto-learning mode

Supported platforms: 32- and 64-bit Windows (Windows 7, Vista, XP, Server 2003, 2008), Windows 2000 (SP3 and above).

What s New in Outpost 7:
Application guard New! The new Application Guard feature, which comes as an upgrade to Outpost s Proactive Protection module, defends sensitive data stored by various Internet-enabled applications such as instant messengers, web browsers, e-mail clients and e-banking software from compromise. Items such as cached/saved login details and passwords, configuration files, electronic wallet contents, etc. are now shielded from being tampered or hijacked by unauthorized non-related applications.
System guard Improved! As an extension to Outpost s Proactive Protection module, the System Guard feature secures critical system files and configurations against misuse or compromise. The list of protected items could be extended by adding the program of your choosing to the protected system software list.

File and folder lock New! File & Folder Lock functionality enables protection of locally-stored assets from corruption, modification or illegal access by other users or malware. With just a few clicks within the File and Folder Lock section of the Proactive Protection settings panel in Outpost, you can simply select a folder or file you wish to protect and set limitations by defining access password.
Real-time File and Registry Activity monitoring New! File and Registry Activity provides an invaluable opportunity to look into system events at a closer range by monitoring activity of any given active process and tracking system changes in real time. The user can analyze every active process, its path and time as well as track registry modifications in order to take action with Outpost s ample functionality.

Antivirus module Improved! The antivirus engine has been improved with new detection and cure capabilities. Besides, the Quarantine component has been reworked to become more actionable it s now easier to decide upon suspicious objects. Agnitum s heuristic analyzer, part of Antimalware, has been updated to ensure efficient monitoring of autostarted objects behavior on system start-up.

Restored Content Filter New! Legacy of Outpost 4.0, Content Filter has been restored in the new version of Outpost. The module analyzes web contents for the presence of defined keywords before a certain page is loaded, and steers the user away from suspicious or abusive sources on the Internet.

Extended Anti-Leak capabilities Improved! New types of data leak techniques have been incorporated into Outpost s Proactive Defense module to ensure up-to-date protection against new attacks employed in zero-day threats. The module s effectiveness has been proved by successfully deterring new malware samples and passing existing leak tests.

Update process Improved! Whenever updates to the main antivirus engine (executable module) become available, they will be automatically applied without the need for user participation (providing, of course, for system reboot). This ensures latest protection is always in place without any hassles from the user s end.
Stability on new platforms Improved! The introduction of new standards to the Outpost 7 lineup make it better compatible and stable running on the new Windows 7 platform, with fewer occurrences of slowdowns and interoperability issues. These changes make Outpost even better positioned to meet the future arrival of new Windows OS.
User interface with a facelift Improved!

The interface changes were designed to reflect the modern Windows 7 look and provide better visibility of product notifications. Redesigned setting panels make program configuration more.


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